Pregnant Teen Trish Kiss Face Fucked

Trish Kiss is a 19 year old pregnant whore who gets deep throated by a pair of magnificent mammoth meat sticks. Watch her gagging while deepthroating big cocks, the guys bashed her tonsils over and over until she can barely breathe. Her womb was in for the shake down, literally. Her cervix was punished and marauded, her ass was ransacked until little pregnant teen mom tears were running down her face. Once the guys were done destroying all her holes, they dumped their loads all over her face, leaving her dripping with jizz.

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Kimberly Kane 2nd Round of Face Fucking

Kimberly Kane returns for a 2nd round on FaceFucking. She remained somber throughout the scene and got somewhat emotional as her tonsils get bashed over and over again by big cocks. The guys showed no remorse as they penetrate the back of her throat and make her choke hard. As the scene went on, she gets fucked in the ass by Sam’s huge dick before taking a huge load of jizz all over her face along with whatever it was she had for dinner in the whore bowl that we poured all over her head.

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Hardcore Face Fucking Becky Sins

Becky Sins has a dream of becoming a pornstar, but here she is on with her cunt rejecting cocks of all sizes. Luckily, she has a mouth for the guys to stuff their cocks in. Jay D and Sam humiliating and dominating her as they penetrate her throat with their big cocks. They face fucked her in all different angles, making a complete mess all over herself. It was until her tight pussy rejected the cocks that the scene was cut short. By the end, she gets her face soaked in two loads of jizz.

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Dyke Looking Whore Roni Marie Throated

Roni Marie is a dyke whore who thinks that the rough sex she does at home with her boyfriend is the same as what the guys do at You would think with her buzz haircut and alt tattoos, she’s about this life. Tears started running down her face as soon as two angry cocks hit the back of her throat. After the rough throat fucking, she spreads her legs and get a good pounding. Once the guys were done destroying her holes, they shoot their loads all over her bald head.

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Marissa Jean Gets Throated

Marissa Jean used to do porn but she quit right after she got married ‘cuz her husband didn’t want her going out, blowing stranger’s cocks. Then years later, the honeymoon is over and now she’s back to doing porn, and her first stop is FACEFUCKING.COM. She takes on 3 guys, the 3rd guy is new and he has a cock the size of a soda can. Watch as she tries to fit his cock down her throat, she was like a pig in shit and she loved every second of it. She takes it up the ass and then gets double penetrated. Once her holes were used and abused, she takes a nice huge load all over her slutty face.

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Extreme Throat Fucking Keegan Kade

Keegan Kade is a 21 year old who gets face fucked and slapped around by two hard cocks on Watch as she broke down when hands were put on her as the guys penetrate her skull with their cocks. She gets throat fucked in every angle, making her gag and choke hard. Once she got done with the face fucking, she gets her tight ass pounded, then by the end of the scene, her face gets soaked in two loads of jizz.

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Hardcore Face Fucking Kimberly Kane

Submissive whore Kimberly Kane gets brutally face fucked as the cock makes her gag up so much spew and saliva, she makes a complete mess all over herself. She wasn’t ready to submit to Jay D’s man power but things got nasty as the cock slammed the back of her throat. Once she got through the throat fucking, she took it in the ass like a seasoned porn star. She then gets her face coated in jizz.

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Deepthroating Whore Skye Avery 3

Skye Avery makes a 3rd appearance on FaceFucking. She must be really into this kind of stuff if she’s back within 4 months. This time she got throat fucked by the one man wrecking crew Jay D and he made her spill her guts, which is not easy for this deep throat queen. He fucks her in the ass so deep that it was trying to push through her pussy. By the end of shoot, she sat on the floor and took a huge load to the face all drenched in spit and cum.

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Fallon West 2nd Round of Face Fucking

Fallon West was on FaceFucking over a year ago and now she’s back for round 2. Jay D was a one man wrecking crew, destroying her throat with his cock. He kicked it up a notch and things got messier this time around. Fallon West got her throat stuffed with a huge cock and made a sloppy mess all over herself. She even got her ass stuffed with over-sized dildos. She’s such a pro that she can handle almost anything. By the end of the shoot, she gets her face covered in a load of jizz.

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Hardcore Throat Fucking Maci May 2

Maci May returns for another round of extreme FaceFucking. It has been only about 3 months since this cock sucking whore was deepthroated, and now she’s back, all mentally messed up from a breakup from a dude that she “loved”. That makes for great porn. She gets her throat stuffed with a big dick until she becomes a complete sloppy mess. Then her pussy get pounded nice and hard before she takes a nice load to the face, leaving her dripping with jizz.

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