Victoria Monet Gets Face Fucked

Victoria Monet makes a living slinging things from her pussy, things like dildos and bowling pins. Tonight we stuffed her pussy with ping pong balls as she gets her throat stuffed with Bootleg’s hard cock. She opens up her mouth and gets her throat completely destroyed all the way past to her tonsils. As the action continued, Bootleg drilled his cock deep in her pussy, giving her a rough treatment. After being throat fucked and slapped around, her face gets covered in a creamy load of jizz.

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Extreme Face Fucking April Dawn 2

April Dawn comes back to for more rough throat fucking. She was excited to do her very first porn a while back that she wanted more. Well, the guys at up the ante and destroyed this whore’s throat with their cocks. She got her throat fucked hard deep and fast and is slapped around. After taking the rough throat fucking, they guys took turns stretching out her pussy. At one point she even got fisted. Then they dumped their loads on her face then sent her packing once they were done using and abusing her.

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Extreme Face Fucking Vinyl Vixon

Vinyl Vixon is a ghoulish whore who allowed the guys to use up all her holes. She doesn’t even talk back while getting destroyed by these guys, she just took all the harsh treatment that was given to her. Bootleg and Harker annihilated her throat with their cocks. Once she got through the brutal face fucking, Vinyl made her asshole and pussy available for slamming. It all began with her pussy getting fucked, but it eventually progressed to some interesting double penetration. By the end of her torment, she sat on the floor and took two huge loads to the face.

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Skye Avery Gets Throat Fucked

This redheaded whore is Skye Avery and she is here to gag on some hard cocks. She takes the abuse as the guys slammed their cocks down her throat. After the rough throat fucking, she gets fucked in both her ass and pussy in a double penetration. Then she takes a big cumshot on her face.

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Rough Throat Fucking April Dawn

Brand new to the porn scene, this 19 year old with big tits is April Dawn. She was pretty giddy during the first part of the video. But when she gets her throat slammed by huge cocks, all that giddiness turned to horror. She kept her mouth open while taking all the harsh face fucking Pauly and Bootleg had to offer. After the rough throating, she gets her hairless pussy slammed as the guys took turns. Then the guys dumped their loads all over her face, leaving her dripping with jizz.

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Extreme Face Fucking Ginger Rose

This red-headed whore is Ginger Rose and she is a US born with a UK accent. She’s a classy sounding ginger with zero pigmentation who blew massive chunks of filth as she gags on some hard cocks. Ginger made a sloppy mess all over the floor and on herself as she struggles to keep the cocks down her throat. After the intensive throat job, her ass is gaped deep and hard, then she is double penetrated. Then the guys unleashed their loads all over her face, leaving her dripping with jizz.

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Face Fucking Nadia White aka Ariel Adore

This whore is back with bigger boobs and a different name, Nadia White. You may know her as Ariel Adore and she was on Face Fucking 7 years ago. Since then she got her life together and wanted to get face fucked again and this time the guys went hard on her. Pauly and Jay D slammed their cocks down her throat so deep until she barfed all over the place. She even did gross things like eating off dirty floors, licking assholes and was treated like a real scum bag. Then she gets pounded hard in the pussy before her face gets covered in a huge load of jizz.

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Rough Throat Fucking Dyke Whore Scarlet Stone

Scarlet Stone is a man hating dyke whore who has deep rooted mental sexual issues, but she comes to Face Fucking anyway thinking it would be a good idea. She hates men but here she is getting brutally throat fucked by Pauly and Jay D. Their cocks went in balls deep, making her gag hard. After the intense deep throating, the guys went to slam that pussy, then her face gets covered in a huge load of cum.

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Extreme Face Fucking Ruby Octroi 2

Ruby Octroi comes back for a 2nd round of face fucking. After her first visit, she’s gone on to whore professionally in Vegas. But the real reason for her coming back was that she needed the money to fix her broken down Benz. She will earn her pay by getting the back of her throat slammed by who cocks. Her ass and pussy was open for business as well in a nice double penetration. Then the guys unleashed two big loads all over her face and sent her packing.

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Extreme Throat Fucking Natasha Knoles

This petite whore is Natasha Knoles and she is here to make her first porn. Right from the start Pauly and Jay D slapped the fuck out of her then stuffed their cocks in her throat until she can barely breathe. After the rough throat fucking, the guys took turns stretching out her pussy. Then she gets her face all drenched in spit and cum.

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