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This curvaceous woman bravely takes on two thick cocks for a deep oral experience, something she has never done before. She surprisingly handles it well as they both slide down her throat. Then, she is simultaneously penetrated in both holes and even swallows some yellow d. Finally, the men finish with her and she is left sitting on the floor covered in three loads of cum on her face.

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Facial Abuse Mean Jean Wokerlund

Mean Jean Wokerlund is a toxic person, but we have a cool dynamic. She kneels and takes two cocks in her mouth, obediently swallowing before being double-penetrated and bred. Three more men finish on her face, marking her as their willing whore.

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This whore takes on two hard cocks, eager to please as she swallows and endures a double penetration. She also receives multiple facial loads before being roughly fucked from behind and sent on her way.

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Facial Abuse Bootleg Gets Bench Pressed

She was a massive woman with bulging arms, able to bench her partner and handle multiple men. She indulged in various sexual acts and swallowed their fluids. Despite the unusual activities, she consumed it all for her nutritional needs.

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Facial Abuse Collared Cum Receptacle

She indulges in various sexual acts, including analingus and anal penetration, and enjoys the use of impact play involving the color yellow. She also experienced double penetration and her vagina was filled with semen. Afterwards, she was covered in cum that dripped and swayed along with her large breasts.

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Facial Abuse Sullen Soufflé

Her eyes do not truly see, they just look. Her mouth tells the story of a hoar’s final form. She loves the ReeeeeEEErEEE Stream and gets 1 mile per yellow discipline, always at the pump. After being DP’d, she let go of her feminist fears and screamed at the sky. Misogyny squared was her new heaven.

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Facial Abuse Tits And Spits


She had great tits, and I was reminded once again that I am a tit man. She got dp’d for the first time and did A2M, taking in the YD like it was a fountain. She wore 3 more as she got spit roasted and bred like a good slut.

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Facial Abuse Sullen Eyed Ginger Bot

This ginger robot knows her role, accepting it with every lick and gulp of “yellow discipline.” She’s perfect after being used and bred multiple times.

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This demure cum brat gets double penetrated and loves it. She is a good slut for the patriarchy, getting her 3 holes blown out and filled with cum.

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Facial Abuse Precipitation Probable

This obedient slut has a perfect cock holster and throat. She can take it all and enjoys it, even with rain on her day. She happily took three loads and was humiliated with a messy finish.

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