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She had great tits, and I was reminded once again that I am a tit man. She got dp’d for the first time and did A2M, taking in the YD like it was a fountain. She wore 3 more as she got spit roasted and bred like a good slut.

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This demure cum brat gets double penetrated and loves it. She is a good slut for the patriarchy, getting her 3 holes blown out and filled with cum.

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This thin woman with perky breasts needed to be controlled, as a sub does not thrive without guidance. She swallowed lengthy penises down her throat and was rinsed off afterwards. She was double penetrated and her cute little pink anus puckered up like it wanted a greeting peck. She asked for impregnation as she was being pounded and filled up. Then the Vaccinated Vandal fucked her from behind while she proudly wore three facials like a good cum-slut should.

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She took the penetration eagerly, allowing it to go as deep as possible. They double penetrated her and kept going until they had emptied their load into her. After they were done, they ejaculated onto her face and then flipped her over onto all fours so that everyone could see her with a dazed expression as they pumped away.

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Her husband was mad she was bred, but she ignored him and tried again. She drank the yellow d from a phallic faucet, got DP’d and took 3 loads to the face. While getting pounded from behind, she explained why her marriage ended.

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This chick was hot. She had great titties, long legs, and a sexy face that was even sexier with a dick in her mouth. Perfect for a DP, she took it like a champ, but wasn’t a fan of the yellow discipline. She was good at taking dick down her throat, but couldn’t handle being fucked so hard. Her boyfriend can’t deliver like we do; will he be mad or cuck? In the end, she was totally owned: getting 3 loads to her face and bent over; having cum oozing down her nose and cheeks as Bootleg pounded her hard; and getting dunked on with the whore bowl. She knew she was now a dirty whore.

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This hotwife was getting dicked hard! Husband is supportive of her other arrangement. Throat, face & ass fucked fast & deep. Swallowed a stream of discipline, took 3 loads to the face then titty-fucked with cum between her tits.

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The Vaccinated Vandal put a slug in the pink coin slot as she lay there with semen dripping down her body. She kept the change in her womb and did an excellent job of pleasuring with her mouth and throat, much to everyone’s delight. It was great to see her give so willingly; getting her ass fucked while she tasted other peoples’ excretions and had punishment shots of cum, it only ruined her sense of identity further. And when it was time for her to leave, she headed back home more pliable and obedient to her man. Everyone knows that if she ever needs more discipline, she is always welcome back; she’s a fantastic whore who tries hard to please.

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This chick is tough; I’m impressed with her fortitude. She took the beating and opened her body for anything, from discipline to ramming. Her ass was pillaged before she begged for a baby, which the Vaccinated Vandal delivered into her pussy. Three more loads gushed across her body until her expression changed as if it had been put in its place.

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They all like this chick, and love her juicy clit. Vaccinated Vandal and Bootleg grabbed her, bred her as chattel, and chastened her with a spreader and whips. They DP’d her, filled her mouth with discipline, softened her up with throat work, fucked her face repeatedly, and finally released her from the leg lock. They came all over her face and hair before she sucked up their cum.

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