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Sue is young and fresh, and she is ready to suck some hard cocks. She was a bit frantic and overwhelmed, but she hung in there. Bootleg shoved his hard cock down her throat. She gags hard, gets her face slapped and is penetrated from different positions. Sue has such a nice plump pussy, Bootleg pulled the skin apart like batwings. He fucks her nice and hard before unleashing a big load of cum all over her face.

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This amateur whore is pretty dumb and retarded. We just went straight to the throat fucking and stuffing our cocks in until she became, well, what we dubbed her. The guys took turns slamming their cocks over and over, as she sat there and wept. Her pussy was deeply penetrated before taking multiple loads of cum on her face.

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Jada Belle thinks she’s all that and says how she does real modeling. And
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Evelyn Jacobs is a cute looking whore who is obedient and dumb. She followed directions very well, especially when we told her to hold her head so that her throat could fit a hard cock all the way down to the balls. Then she bends over to exposed her shaved pussy and gets pounded in the rear before taking 2 huge humiliaiting loads to the face.

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Crazy Jane is an old hag who loses her dentures during a hardcore face
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Vanessa Naughty has been trying to get on Facial Abuse for almost 2 years now, so we finally gave her a shot. She’s a porn veteran and was very pumped to do the shoot. All that changed as soon as the big cocks hit the back of her throat. She’s sure never experience anything like this. They continued ramming their cocks so hard that she ends up spewing all over the place. After being throat fucked and slapped around, they drilled their cocks deep in her pussy, giving her a rough treatment. Then to finish off, they dumped their loads to her face.

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Audrianna Angel in a hot Indian babe and she is here doing her first
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This emo whore, Amor Vond, has big plans with her boyfriend and that is why she is here sucking on some cocks to make extra money. Two huge cocks are ready to pump her throat relentlessly, making her gag. She whimpered as the cocks started going down her throat and in her tight pussy. A firm slap to her face seemed to keep her on track. She knew she had to continue with the extreme porn in order to make that money for her new life. She was besides herself as the guys went to town on her and took huge loads of cum all over her face. AS she sits there in shock, she thought about the mistake that she just made as the cum dripped in to her eyes and on to her tits.

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Sasha Sweet is a WoW geek nympho and she wanted to be sexually degraded. The guys took turns ramming their cocks down her throat. After her face got messed up with nasty puke, we leashed her up and had her walk around the studio like a dog, all the while she is barking like one. I have to admit, she does make a good pet. Once she got through the brutal face fucking and humiliation, she got her tight pussy drilled as she whimpered like a little puppy. After being throat-fucked and slapped around, we sat her down as she remained leashed up and dumped our loads all over her face. Then we fed it to her like it was a puppy treat.

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This cougar whore is a grandmother. Bootleg started to violently face fuck her until he gets bored. The throat fucking is so extreme that she spewed all over the cock. You can see her eyes popping out as she is getting deep throated upside down. After the extreme face fucking, she bends over to enjoy two throbbing cocks at the same time in a very interesting double penetration. Once the guys are done with all her holes, they dumped a huge load to her weathered face. Who said you can’t teach an old bitch some new tricks.

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