Facial Abuse Subbed Out

Aggresive face fucking for this red-headed whore on FacialAbuse. She took the face fucking very well as the cock went down her throat. Eventually she started spewing all over her pretty face deep throating the hard cock. She then gets pounded nice and deep in her pussy until it was time for 3 nasty cumshot facials.

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Chastity Mae Face Fucked Hard

Chastity Mae is tired living in the swamps of Florida so she trekked her way up to Face Fucking in hopes of becoming a porn star. This 21 year-old whore gave everything they asked for. She got her throat fucked hard, deep and fast, and is slapped around. After taking the throat invasion by big cocks, the guys take turns stretching out her tight pussy. After her holes were used and abused, she sat down and a load of cum was dumped on her head. It was then followed with another as jizz dripped off of her face.

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Zara Ryan and Annabel Harvey Throat Fucked

Zara Ryan makes a return visit and this time she brought a lezbo friend along, Annabel Harvey, to do a shoot together. She’s a first time porn whore who is making an emotional debut on FaceFucking.com. Both whores got deep throated with lots of gagging and choking. Then they get pounded deep in their pussies, all while being slapped and spat on. After their throat were destroyed, they both got a huge creamy load of jizz all over their faces.

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Extreme Throat Fucking Zara Ryan

Redheaded Aussie whore Zara Ryan is a dyke who doesn’t deep throat but somehow ended up on the couch of FaceFucking.com. She is chugging down two hard cocks down her throat to the balls. The face fucking is so intense, the balls are bouncing off her chin as she chokes and gags on the big dicks. Her pussy gets slammed before the guys unleashed their loads to her pretty face.

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Skye Avery Gets Throat Fucked

This redheaded whore is Skye Avery and she is here to gag on some hard cocks. She takes the abuse as the guys slammed their cocks down her throat. After the rough throat fucking, she gets fucked in both her ass and pussy in a double penetration. Then she takes a big cumshot on her face.

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Extreme Face Fucking Ginger Rose

This red-headed whore is Ginger Rose and she is a US born with a UK accent. She’s a classy sounding ginger with zero pigmentation who blew massive chunks of filth as she gags on some hard cocks. Ginger made a sloppy mess all over the floor and on herself as she struggles to keep the cocks down her throat. After the intensive throat job, her ass is gaped deep and hard, then she is double penetrated. Then the guys unleashed their loads all over her face, leaving her dripping with jizz.

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Extreme Face Fucking Lil Red

Doing her first ever porn is Lil Red and she is thrown to the wolves tonight. With the full support of her father, she didn’t want to blow her chance at stardom, so down on her knees she goes, sucking on some stranger’s cock. For someone who gets a huge cock down her throat for the first time, she did pretty well. She’s not all that great looking, but she does have great big tits. She lays on her back and is screwed deep then takes a huge creamy load all over her face.

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Face Fucking Paige Madoxx

This red headed hog is Paige Madoxx who gets all her holes penetrated for this video. She takes Bootleg and Pauly’s cocks all the way to the balls and gags all over their cocks, making a gross mess. Her pale skin gets smacked several times until it turned to a rosey red. Then she gets slammed in the ass and pussy at the same time before her face gets covered in two creamy loads.

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Extreme Throat Fucking Mackenzie Scott

Mackenzie Scott came to our studio and was treated like the proverbial red headed stepchild. At first she put up a front, but then she talked about her sob story of her childhood and she quickly broke down once we got to the core of her pain and suffering. But we have a job to do and that is to destroy her throat with big cocks. She was such an obedient bitch, she spreads her legs and gets her pussy fucked hard before getting a messy facial in the end.

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Busty Pornstar Rainia Belle Face Fucked

Rainia Belle doesn’t belong here. She can definitely be a porn star, in fact… she’d probably become popular pretty quickly because she’s so gorgeous. However, getting face fucked and slapped around just isn’t for her… which makes it perfect! First off, she has big fake tits and I fucking love that. I don’t care if tits are real or fake, as long as they’re big. Second, she has a natural beauty, almost striking. She has those crazy yet innocent eyes and makes the cutest pout face when she’s getting slammed from behind. The more Bootleg slapped her around, spit on her face and treated her like shit… the hotter she looked. We’re not sure if we’ll be seeing her anytime soon, but I hope so. She’s fucking gorgeous!

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