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Big hard cocks slamming a cute brunette deep inside her throat. That’s exactly what the guys at FacialAbuse did. For a whore who clams her teeth on some hard cocks, it was hard to get the scene right, but with some help, the guys were able to make her choke and gag. She had a meltdown during the facefucking scene, but kept it together as she was DP’d. She ends up tearing as the guys unleash their loads to her cute face.

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Dumb 18 Year Old Blonde Face Fucked

This 18 year old blonde whore comes to Facial Abuse to get a rough throat fucking by two stiff dicks. The guys roughed her up while she was on her knees, having a cock down her throat. She never experienced anything like this. As the action continued, they drilled their cocks deep in her pussy, giving her a rough treatment. By the end of her torment, she sat on the floor and took 2 huge humiliating loads to the face.

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Ava Little Gets Face Fucked

Ava Little gets brutally throat fucked as she finally agreed to do FaceFucking after being asked multiple times and declining every time. So what made her give in? SHe want to try the more extreme porn but in reality, she’s not cut out for this world. You can tell from the look in her eyes, but she mans up and rolls with it. Two big cocks are stuffed in her throat as she struggles to breathe. She gets face fucked in various angles, making a complete mess all over herself. Once she got done being face fucked and slapped around, she gets fucked in her pussy and asshole at the same time in a double penetration. Then her face gets covered in a double load of jizz.

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Extreme Throat Fucking Natasha Knoles

This petite whore is Natasha Knoles and she is here to make her first porn. Right from the start Pauly and Jay D slapped the fuck out of her then stuffed their cocks in her throat until she can barely breathe. After the rough throat fucking, the guys took turns stretching out her pussy. Then she gets her face all drenched in spit and cum.

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Rough Throat Fucking Kimberly Chi and Laci Hurst

Kimberly Chi and Laci Hurst are here in a 4 way fuck fest that fans will be talking about for a long time. There are plenty of sloppy mess, bitch slapping, face fucking and cunt pounding. These two girls are so hot and fuckin’ nasty at the same time. Watch them gag on big cocks as it slams down their throat. Then these whores slapped each other as they are getting fucked. And once they were done getting face fucked and slapped around, they get a huge load to their faces, leaving them dripping with jizz.

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Punk Rock Whore Orion Star Throated

Meet Orion Star, who is a petite 22 year old stripper with a nice body and perky tits. She came to put in work. You can tell how excited she is to work with us because she was on social media talking about it. Reality hits as soon as she gets slapped across the face. She gets roughed up while she was on her knees, having cocks down her throat. Once she got through the brutal face fucking, she got her hairless cunt drilled. The guys took turns slamming her before she takes a nice creamy load to her face.

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Petite Babe Yesenia Sparkles Throated

Yesenia Sparkles is a cute petite whore and for 5’2″ 98 pounds, she sure can take on two huge cocks down her throat. She gets on her knees while the guys face fuck her real good all the way down to the balls as she chokes and gags on the cocks. These guys don’t care as they continue to slam her throat in all different positions. Then she gets pounded in her pussy and ass at the same time and her face gets coated with two loads of cum. You might want to turn down the volume on this one because she gets pretty loud.

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Petite Whore Kendra Kole Face Fucked

Kendra Kole is a petite little fuck stick who, even though she despises her, is a perfect replica of her whore mother (her words, not mine!). Having been raised by her father, she was given a good life while her mom blew truckers at rest stops. So why is this girl following in the foot steps of mommy dearest? Beats me… but I’m glad she is. Watch her unhinge her jaw to try and fit these massive cocks down her throat… no easy task for someone barely over 100 pounds with the head the size of an orange. What a sweet little body, though… zero body fat, perky tits, a tight pussy… good stuff!

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Erika Devine Extreme Deep Throat

Erika Devine has made all the wrong choices in her life; from leaving home to getting caught up in a credit card scam and today, she ends up on our couch for some extreme face fucking action her tiny body could handle. Pauly slammed his cock down her throat at record speeds and she starts breaking down. Next, take those same giant cocks and cram them in the tiniest little pussy hole and you have one stretched out set of meat flaps. Then her face gets covered in a huge load of cum.

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Petite Whore Lola Summers Face Fucked

I always say… never judge a book by it’s cover. At first glance, 104 pound spinner Lola Summers looks like she’d have one foot out the door when it comes to this type of shoot… but this dumb twat actually proved me wrong. She hung in there like a big girl, took her lick and kept on keeping on. Good for you whore! Granted, she’s pretty dumb… I’m talking zero personality, but fuck it. She has a twat, that’s all she needs to get by in this world, right? I don’t know how small head accommodated those big cocks but she found a way to make them fit. Impressive, really. Each guy had fun with this one. It’s like Christmas morning when a fresh piece of cooz comes to shoot.

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